Microsoft and Adobe partner to deliver ‘large scale’ customer experience solution

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Jason Gumpert reporting in MS on Microsoft and Adobe partnering with Dynamics CRM, Dynamics Marketing and Adobe’s Marketing Cloud Solutions.

Microsoft and Adobe announced a partnership today at Adobe Summit that will integrate Dynamics CRM and Dynamics Marketing with Adobe’s Marketing Cloud Solutions.

The partnership will target “many” specific industries, according to a statement, including financial services and travel and leisure.

Thousands of brands worldwide including two thirds of Fortune 50 companies rely on Adobe Marketing Cloud with over 30.5 trillion transactions a year, according to Adobe.

Adobe is a consumer of Microsoft Azure for its Marketing Cloud Solutions. Adobe Campaign and Experience Manager, two of the solutions in the suite, are Azure certified. Adobe has also partnered with Microsoft Azure to deliver streaming of major sporting events including the Olympics and Super Bowl through Adobe Primetime. The companies are also working on a connector that would enable data and insights from Adobe Analytics to appear in Power BI, Microsoft’s business analytics service that enables people to see all of their data through a single pane of glass, providing a consolidated view across a business

The Adobe Marketing Cloud is made up of eight integrated solutions that focus on analytics, Web and app experience management, testing and targeting, advertising, social engagement and campaign orchestration. They also tie-in with Adobe Creative Cloud to easily activate creative assets across all marketing channels.

The company already offers a Dynamics CRM Connector in its Exchange that links the Adobe Campaign platform to Microsoft Dynamics CRM to synchronize contacts, accounts, purchases, and other data. It is a basic sounding synchronization (there are no reviews or download stats shown), and the new partnership ought to result in a broader integration strategy that spans more Adobe solutions, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing’s resource management capabilities, industry scenarios, and presumably a way to tie data from the disparate systems together via Power BI, where Adobe has already made investments.

“Partnering with Adobe enables us to deliver a comprehensive set of customer engagement processes to enterprise customers to help them be more productive and better engage with their customers,” said Kirill Tatarinov, executive vice president, Microsoft Business Solutions. “The integration of our industry-leading Dynamics CRM solution with Adobe Marketing Cloud will enable business professionals to maximize their investment in technology and deliver breakthroughs in marketing, sales and customer care.”