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Bob Scott reporting in his weekly Insights column on SAGE launching a French CRM Channel.

Sage has launched a new CRM channel program. And you won’t have details unless you read French and translation software does not make everything clear. But the fact that Sage has launched a channel anywhere should interest those U.S VARs who have concluded Sage is not channel friendly. We will ask if anywhere else is on slate other than France. The limited translation I got suggests the program is designed for obvious purposes—supporting customer needs and increasing partners something or another as the translation software did not generate a meaningful phrase and “to accelerate the sale and integration of cloud”. More intelligible was a statement that that “67 percent of French companies said they had planned their transition to the cloud in the next few months.” With Sage’s recent penchant for handing out new titles, if there is anything we know it is that Sage is thinking globally so why wouldn’t a CRM channel program go further than one country? Again we’ll ask. In a prepared statement, Gildas Leroy, sales director at Sage France said, “This market presents many opportunities as the establishment of recurring revenues or the development of new local services. We invite integrators and resellers eager to seize these opportunities to join our partnership program.” Channel members get training, a dedicated helpline, dedicated webspace and a tool kit for sales and marketing purposes.