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Bob Scott reporting in his weekly Insights column.

Sage is moving its North American headquarters from Irvine, Calif., to Atlanta, Ga. The change coincides with the announcement this month of a series of Customer Business Centers being established. Irvine, I believe, was a legacy of the former State of the Art, which was purchased by Sage in 1998. Part of its sounds like the company putting all its chips on the rather fuzzy Sage Life. “This is about bringing a whole new philosophy to the way we support customers so we can build relationships for life, ” Alan Laing, EVP of global strategic partnerships and alliances, said in a prepared statement. The center in Georgia will be followed by centers in Europe, Asia and Africa. Before there’s any time to ask questions, let’s just speculate. The recently departed Pascal Houillon was CEO of Sage Americas, which replaces the historical Sage North America term. The press release omits South America from its list of continents with planned CBCs. The first CBC will be housed temporarily in the current Lawrenceville, Ga., office starting next month but will move to a new facility in midtown Atlanta. Sage is apparently saying 400 people are involved. The press release discusses development as working on the Salesforce1 platform “to make sure that customers have a fantastic experience from sale to satisfaction, along every step of the way.” It will start with the support of Sage Life, and add others. Wouldn’t that mess up a bunch of long-established commuting patterns? The second CBC is expected to open in Dublin, Ireland this year. Oh yes, during the Ron Verni era, the HQ was in Atlanta but moved back to Irvine after the company dumped him and three other execs in October 2007.

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