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Bob Scott reporting in his weekly insights column.

The 2015 President’s Club for Microsoft Dynamics looks smaller in two ways. First, the decision that businesses could not be selected for both this honor and the Inner Circle decreased numbers. This year, there are 110 and the 2014 list seems to have 190 names from a rough count. Second, in the reseller arena, the P.C. firms are generally smaller than the I.C. resellers. Now, both groups include more than just VARs—for example, Fujitsu. But for the more “pure VARs”—increasingly hard to define, size is the best divider. Of the Bob Scott’s Top 100 VARs, 12 were selected for the Inner Circle; all but one had more than $20 million in Revenue. Of the five President’s Club members ranked this year, only one had more than $20 million in revenue. P.C. members in the United States and Canada, include the following, AKA Enterprise Solutions, Crestwood Associates, Diamond Software, SIS Software, Summit Group Software, Synergy Business Solutions, eTelligent Solutions, Green Beacon Solutions, The TM Group, WebSan Solutions and Wipfli. Defining businesses by geography is also harder. On this list, SAGlobal (formerly Systems Advisers Group Services) has U.S. offices but is largely international. Then there are the operations of Columbus, based in Denmark. Columbus IT Partner Danmark [their spelling] and Columbus U.S. are in the I.C., while Columbus Global UK and Columbus IT Partner ZAO are P.C.

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