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Bob Scott reporting in his weekly Insights column.


The Acumatica division of Kensium Solutions has folded into PC Bennett. The deal means that as an exclusive Acumatica reseller, the merger has produced “the biggest Acumatica exclusive partner with the most Acumatica Certified professionals,” says CEO Patricia Bennett. Besides its reselling business ,PC Bennett, based in the Seattle, Wash., area, will have a Partner Services division to help other Acumatica resellers with software development. Bennett says her company has more than a dozen ISV products for the Acumatica world, including a connector Magento. Kensium also markets contact management, along with providing ecommerce services. In a chat this week, Acumatica CEO Jon Roskill probably had this deal in mind when he discussed the consolidation of Acumatica resellers. That includes the purchase of the Macabe Associates and Oates & Co. by SWK Technologies. All three are Acumatica dealers, although all three also carry Sage financial software products. “They are starting to roll up and become national powerhouses,” Roskill said in comments this week before the Kensium deal was announced.