Microsoft Dynamics and the Millennial Workforce: Can CRM 2016 Deliver?

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by Angela Grom, Operations Manager, Trovare

What do we know about Millennials and their role in the workforce?

First, let’s lay out some basics. The label refers to adults who are currently eighteen to thirty four. They grew up online with instant access to everything, particularly communication. They are technology savvy; however, they feel that that technology must serve a purpose and enhance their lives.

There are also some stereotypes about this generation. They are said to be the most high maintenance generation. Self-absorbed. Unable to interact face-to-face. They need to work in a flexible environment. Having been praised their whole lives, they need constant recognition.

There is a grain of truth in some of these stereotypes, while others should be dismissed. But with 54 million working Millennials stepping into the labor force as baby boomers enter into retirement, there is no denying that we are poised for a generational shift in the workforce. Because the oldest and youngest generations operate so differently, what can organizations do to keep productivity up and business prosperous with this new professional age group?

Microsoft has done well to meet the needs of a changing workforce with the Dynamics CRM 2016 upgrade. Its focus on intelligent customer engagement and continuously evolving technological improvement means this software system will easily be adopted by the Millennials workforce.

With a Dynamics CRM implementation into your organization, you will be providing your Millennials with the right tools they need to apply their unique behaviors, bringing value into the workplace.

Let’s examine some ways in which CRM 2016 supports current and future work trends.

Multitask Away

Millennials can multitask like nobody’s business. According to research by Forbes, Millennials switch their attention between devices on average 27 times per hour. Their tendency to try and split their focus means that they believe they can take on many responsibilities at once. On the contrary, such behavior can easily cause a distraction. Dynamics CRM has worked hard to eliminate interferences and simplify activities with integration of commonly used applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and social tools. This approach to designing the solution will allow the user to access and complete all aspects of their projects, without ever having to leave the CRM app.

Loving their Technology

As mentioned before, Millennials grew up on technology. Companies have reported a struggle to get their employees to use their CRM systems to their full potential, often using less than half of the features available to them. Introduce Millennials to a system that connects people on any device, from anywhere, a tool that enhances organization productivity, team collaboration, communication with clients and empowers employees with relevant, real-time information.

Acknowledge Me!

One crucial fixation Millennials need pacified, is the need to feel that what they do matters and is central to what they believe in. In addition to getting the good old pat on the back recognition, they want visual feedback on their performance. Give your Millennials that with Gamification in CRM. Last year, Microsoft acquired Incent Games, creator of sales gamification platform, FantasySalesTeam. Gamification incorporates the fundamentals of game playing and competition into everyday corporate tasks to motivate, modify, or reward employee achievements. These rewards can be anything from monetary prizes to days off with pay, a VIP parking space, the top spot on a scoreboard, or, well, you get the idea. An essential feature of FantasySalesTeam in particular that Millennials will appreciate is the ability to develop “teams” that collaborate and win recognition together.

I need to go Collaborate

Interestingly, despite the self-absorbed stereotype Millennials are tagged with, they are extremely team-oriented and thrive off of collaborating and making friends with their colleagues. Collaboration is easy within Dynamics CRM, as it is one platform connected to everybody within your organization, to anywhere they may be. Dynamics CRM allows the workforce to connect via mobile devices or a desktop computer with productivity tools like Skype for Business, Yammer, Office 365 and OneNote, so team members can more effectively manage processes across devices, channels, locations, and departments-driving higher productivity. This gives them the tools they need to zero in and focus on the most impactful activities.

Microsoft’s Social Engagement technology, incorporated directly into CRM Contact forms, enables Millennials to monitor numerous social channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Millennials can open a contact and see at a glance all of their posts across these channels, and you can respond to posts or notes to create internal or external conversions.

Can I have this Thursday Off?

Work-life balance isn’t typically something on which Millennials are willing to compromise. They want to work hard, but they also want to work hard at their personal lives. Dynamics CRM is available from nearly any device, which means they may not be able to take Thursday off, but they can work in the office or at home, or at the coffee shop down the street, or at Grandma’s house. All of the tools they need to work with during the day go with them, so their productivity isn’t compromised. Using Skype for Business, they will have video and screen share capabilities so they will not miss out on collaboration opportunities. They will have access to all of their client information held within CRM and will still be connected to updates as team members update different entities. A day out of the office isn’t a missed day because the entire office is within the CRM application.


Millennials are a different working breed; that’s for sure. There are so many more values that they hold true that I haven’t mentioned, but if one software system can meet a new generation’s expectations and amplify your business, it is worth exploring.

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