Microsoft Dynamics Partner Roundup: Improved CRM Data Quality; IoT Device Management; EDI for GP 2016; Commodity Trading/RM for NAV

By:  Linda Rosencrance

Data Masons Offers EDI for Dynamics GP 2016

Data Masons Software LLC., a provider of integrated EDI and XML solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP customers, has announced the integration of its Vantage Point EDI solution with Dynamics GP 2016.

Certified for Dynamics GP, Vantage Point EDI enables users to fully automate their key EDI processes, without ERP customizations or per-document transaction fees, according to company officials. Vantage Point EDI offers out-of-the-box integration for more than 60 document types and support for EDI, XML and multiple other electronic data formats.

“Our DayOne integration commitment, coupled with our solution’s Certification for Microsoft Dynamics GP, ensures that our customers’ business and technology requirements are continually met, no matter which ERP version they are running,” said Dennis Bruce, Data Masons’ director of business development, in a statement.

Melissa Data Advances Data Quality in Dynamics CRM

Melissa Data, a provider of global data quality solutions, has added new data quality capabilities in its Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration, including full contact verification and appends via the company’s Personator Cloud Service.

That means Dynamics CRM users now have comprehensive, integrated data quality services to verify global address, email, name, and phone information for over 240 countries and territories to help maintain customer relationships, prevent fraud, and provide better customer insights for more accurate analytics, according to company officials.

“Adding Personator to Dynamics CRM demonstrates our commitment to providing users with the tools to gain more knowledge about customers, helping improve revenue and minimize risk by validating global contact information,” said Bud Walker, vice president of enterprise sales and strategy at Melissa Data, in a statement. “For Dynamics CRM users, the value is both immediate and long-term because only verified data enters the system.”

IoT Nexus Releases IoT Device Management Suite for Dynamics CRM

IoT Nexus has released a new plugin, IoT Device Management Suite, for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The plugin is designed specifically to help companies communicate with and market to customers who are present in a company’s brick-and-mortar store or on the company’s premises.

Using a variety of location-based technologies, companies can use the IoT app to reach their onsite customers on a more “personal, immediate level,” company officials stated.

Two of these technologies, Bluetooth Low Energy and Geo-Fencing, are used to communicate with customers’ phones that are running the Windows Phone operating system. When they’re enabled, each of these technologies can be used to send specials and information directly to customers’ phones based on their specific locations within a store.

This system can also connect to a company’s Dynamics CRM to help keep track of customers’ purchase histories and other information and enable them to better customize information distribution and marketing offers for those customers, according to officials.

Eka’s CTRM Platform Integrates with Dynamics NAV and AX

Eka Software Solutions, a provider of smart commodity management, has announced that InSight CM, its next-generation CTRM (commodity trading, transaction and risk management software), has been seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV to help commodities companies manage trading and risk as well as accounting.

InSight CM is an advanced transaction management platform, suitable for a wide range of commodities in the agriculture, manufacturing, metals, and energy industries, according to company officials.

The integration framework of Eka’s CTRM software platform provides web service APIs that can be invoked by third-party applications, including accounting packages, ERP systems, CRM systems, SCM systems, market data (live feed), and inventory systems, officials said.

“Eka provides the most functional end-to-end solution on the market today that includes support for all front, middle, and back-office activities,” said Sanjay Singla, GM of CTRM at Eka, in a statement. “Our CTRM software platform seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX to provide real-time inventory information and traceability of every transaction to its associated contract.”

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