10 most difficult IT jobs for employers to fill

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By:  Sharon Florentine

Most difficult IT jobs for employers to fill

The breakneck pace of technological innovation in an era of digital transformation has made it difficult for companies to find and land talent with the right mix of cutting-edge skills and experience. But even harder to find are candidates with the soft skills and leadership potential to match their technical savvy, says Matt Sigelman, CEO of labor market analytics firm Burning Glass.

“In IT, most mid- to senior-level folks currently in the market have advanced to where they are because of their technical skills, not based on their management and soft skills. What that means is that certain roles are incredibly hard to fill, as they need both the technical savvy, as well as domain- and industry-specific expertise and leadership skills. Whenever you’re asking a candidate to wear two different hats — in this case, technical and management — you’re inherently making these roles harder to fill as the pool of qualified candidates becomes smaller,” Sigelman says.

Here, based on Burning Glass’s research into more than 40,000 job posting websites from August 2015 to September 2016, and ranked by the number of days it takes to fill these roles, are the ten hardest-to-fill IT jobs.