Mintigo integrates predictive sales AI with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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By:  Linda Rosencrance

Mintigo, a provider of predictive marketing and sales technology, has launched the Predictive Sales Coach, its new artificial intelligence (AI) solution for incorporating actionable sales intelligence into Microsoft Dynamics 365.

As Mintigo describes the utility of Predictive Sales Coach, Dynamics 365 customers can automatically give their sales organizations more information about their clients and prospects. The app also offers contextual messaging so sales reps can engage with their customers and prospects.

Mintigo serves predictive insights, purchase intent, and sales message guides into a user interface that is directly accessible within Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Corporate Vice President Jujhar Singh commented that AI applications are changing the way sales teams engage prospects and customers. “Mintigo’s Predictive Sales Coach for Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes users more productive with predictive insights and relevant messages,” he said, adding that Microsoft’s open cloud platform lets AI partners bring the best AI-powered apps directly to customers.

Singh appears to be encouraging healthy competition with Microsoft’s own OEM partner in sales AI. The partnership with Mintigo comes fast on the heels of an OEM arrangement with Versium, another company that offers predictive analytics for sales.

The October deal calls for Versium to provide predictive lead scoring and to surface new leads for sales teams based on machine learning algorithms. As Versium describes its Versium Predict application, Dynamics 365 customers can increase their marketing and sales effectiveness with predictive analytics, allowing them to more precisely target the most likely buyers of their products and services. The integration enables generating highly-targeted prospect lists to drive campaigns, including email, phone, direct mail and display audiences, from which Versium promises increased customer conversion.

Mintigo in turn describes Predictive Sales Coach as using AI to identify the “Who, What, Why, and How” of the sales process. That is: Who will buy from your company, what will they buy, why do they need it, and how should you engage them in a meaningful conversation?

“It’s very rewarding to be able to give businesses using Microsoft Dynamics 365 the AI platform they need to grow their sales exponentially,” said Jacob Shama, CEO of Mintigo, in the statement.

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