Cybersecurity Trends Report Highlights ERP Security as a Topic to Watch in 2017

By:  Darya Maenkova


In February, Crowd Research Partners released the 2017 Cybersecurity Trends Report. The study reveals that ERP Security got the list of organizations’ investment priorities as a trending cybersecurity topic. Unfortunately, the interest is caused by the expected increase in the number of cyberattacks against these business-critical applications.

Security professionals predict that the situation will escalate. 89% of security experts anticipate more attacks against ERP systems, with 30% of them expect a significant increase in the number of such attacks.

According to the report, “ERP security has become a rapidly growing market as organizations start paying attention to this area of cybersecurity.” The reason mostly lies in the fact that¬†attackers are turning their focus toward business applications, which they see as the fastest route to valuable data. This has already resulted in several cyberattacks on enterprise applications, including the notorious US-CERT alert addressing vulnerabilities in SAP, which hit headlines in 2016.

“Just a few years ago, ERP security associated with separation of duties only and was hardly known even among cybersecurity experts. Nowadays, leading analysts consider it as an increasingly important topic and ERP vulnerabilities are covered by the international media,” commented Alexander Polyakov, CTO at ERPScan.

Almost 2000 cybersecurity professionals were surveyed to reveal subjects that primarily concern them. According to the report, the most worrisome areas are threat management, data protection, cloud security, application security, mobile security, security training and certification, as well as ERP security.

Download the complete 2017 Cybersecurity Trends Report here.

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