Getting the Most from SuiteWorld 2017

SuiteWorld 2017 is the largest gathering of NetSuite users in the world, which means there’s plenty to do and see (and possibly overwhelm!) So, as SuiteWorld veterans and NetSuite integration experts, we offer the following advice to help you get the most from the #1 cloud ERP event of the year.

Five quick tips for surviving SuiteWorld 2017

  1. Get straight to the point. When talking with vendors at a booth, be upfront about what your business is and what you’re looking for. It’ll save time and help you narrow down solutions quickly.
  2. Load up on essentials. Be sure to have a good stock of chapstick, water, lotion, etc. in your room so you don’t have to buy them at the show.
  3. Survive the desert. SuiteWorld 2017 is in Las Vegas, which can bring it’s own set of challenges. For instance, maybe leave your credit cards in your room so you’re not tempted to gamble! Stay hydrated, wear comfortable clothes and shoes, pace yourself and take time to be a tourist (at least for a couple hours.)
  4. Don’t forget the fundamentals. Bring business cards, a portable cell phone charger, the program agenda, water and anything else you need regularly throughout the day.
  5. Plan ahead. Each morning, map out exactly who you want to see, when you plan to visit their booth or session and how to get there. Even better, schedule meetings or demos with companies you definitely want to see ahead of time.

Bonus tip! Have the same set of questions ready for each booth so you can compare effectively. We have a few suggestions.

Nine questions you should ask at every SuiteWorld 2017 booth

  1. What do you do? This seems pretty straightforward, but it’s easy to forget to even ask!
  2. How do you work with NetSuite? It’s important to understand exactly how a partner or vendor works with NetSuite so you can determine if it’s a good fit for your needs.
  3. Are you “Built for NetSuite” certified? The BFN program ensures that “SDN Partner solutions meet the same level of standards for security, data privacy and overall quality as the solutions offered by NetSuite,” so it’s good to know if a partner qualifies.
  4. What is your typical customer ROI? If a company can’t answer this question well, it should be a red flag.
  5. How does this solution affect my business? Similar to the ROI question, a vendor or partner should be able to articulate how their solutions provide benefits and value to your business.
  6. Which of your top customers are most similar to me? This is important to ask not only to make sure the partner or vendor understands your business, but also as a way to uncover how they help their customers.
  7. What other apps do you work with? NetSuite is great, but it probably isn’t the only app your business uses. Learn more about what other apps or partners are easily integrated into your business needs.
  8. Are there any promotions for purchasing at SuiteWorld 2017?  You’re there; why not ask if you get some type of deal for signing at the show?
  9. What parties or events are you going to? SuiteWorld is all about making connections, so ask what parties or networking events the company is sponsoring or attending.

Hopefully, our advice is getting you just as excited as we are about SuiteWorld 2017!

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