Dynamic NAV or Dynamics 365 – What’s in a name? asks The NAV People

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When we first met Navision Financials 22 years ago, we puzzled over her name. This new Windows version 1.0 beauty certainly had finance functions, but also sales order processing, purchase order processing and stock management. But still she was Navision Financials.

Navision Financials then became Navision Attain, then Microsoft Business Solutions NAV then simply Dynamics NAV. And from The Navision People we became The NAV People.

‘Dynamics 365 Business Edition’ – Microsoft’s new baby, or just another name?

We have been following this development and can now confirm that Dynamics 365 is Dynamics NAV. If you use Dynamics 365 BE, it is Dynamics NAV hosted in a Microsoft Cloud, by Microsoft. If you use Dynamics NAV and keep on the latest version you are using exactly the same software, just hosted somewhere else.

A quick guide to the various Dynamics 365 editions
Dynamics 365 for Financials – a simplified Finance, Stock and Order Processing solution based on the Dynamics NAV platform, available in a shared cloud and on a subscription basis.

Dynamics 365 for Sales & Marketing – Also cloud only and with seamless integration to Dynamics 365 for Financials.

Dynamics 365 Business Edition – You will get D365 Financials, Sales & Marketing and the extended NAV functionality, in one neat subscription price.

Dynamics NAV – It will continue to be the on premise or private cloud option and you can still buy it as well as subscribe to it. And it will benefit from Microsoft investment for many years.

Dynamics 365 for Operations – a simple rebranding exercise of Dynamics AX, with the biggest and bravest move to make it a subscription only platform. If you want on premise you have to buy an old version of AX.

Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Service Automation. Marketing and Customer Insights – Microsoft realise that when buying a CRM solution you may not want everything it has to offer, so part of the Dynamics 365 rebranding was to offer the modular elements as separate offerings.

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition –Microsoft are bundling Dynamics 365 for Operations and the various modules that were Dynamics CRM online n to a neat little bundle.

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What is exciting for your first steps on the digital transformation highway?

Welcome the new dawn of cloud ERP and CRM – the rise of platforms such as NetSuite, complex solutions, delivered from a shared cloud and without the CapEx costs of buying software and hardware. But businesses are realising the limitations – you can only configure so far and you are reliant on the author delivering the next generation of functionality. This is where Microsoft have a game changer.

Take a highly flexible platform (Dynamics NAV), change personalisation and customisation (apps and extensions), make it integral to your cloud and digital suite (Office 365), deploy it on a leading cloud environment (Azure) and you have a complex ERP and CRM solution in a shared cloud.

If you are a simple business with limited requirements, you have a range of assisted set up options, data migration templates, pre-configured integrations (Bank statements, payment providers and postcode lookup) and simplified screens, all working seamlessly.

If you are a complex business you can have your solution on premise or in your private cloud, or buy it. Or you can adopt Dynamics 365 Business Edition and turn on the extended functionality.

One final thing
Finally, App Source. 20 plus years of knowledge and technology is evolving in to its new form as apps, available from Microsoft App Source, a market place for any Dynamics 365 customer to go and find the perfect extension to their digital platform.