How to use your sales experience for a new career

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If you have experience in sales and think that it might be time to change careers, then you might want to consider other jobs that can utilize your skills. The sales market is currently excelling, and there are many jobs out there that will suit the particular qualities you would have. Some jobs might surprise you when you think about the skills they are looking for, but they can lead to some significant opportunities. Why not consider some of these sales jobs that can help you reach your full potential.

Financial Services Sales Agents

Jobs in the financial services have always been considered a highly prestigious job. Though you might know them as financial advisers, they are there to help people invest their hard-earned money carefully.

With the job comes much responsibility as you are looking after a significant amount of money on behalf of your clients. However, a precise knowledge of the trending markets means they are always able to give the best advice they can.

Luxury Item Sales Professional

If you like the idea of earning a commission then maybe a job in luxury retail is more appropriate for you. The clients you will be dealing with are usually wealthy and will want you to help them buy their yachts, cars, or other expensive items.

The companies that typically employ luxury retail sales people are looking for extremely competent individuals who have the ability to land million dollar deals. You could also be entitled to awesome perks from your employers including impressive discounts.

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Business Broker

With many baby boomers now reaching retirement age, there is much scope for a business broker to assist them with the selling of their businesses. You would be there to help mediate the deal for your clients to make sure they get the best result possible. You are also the right person for those who are looking to acquire a new company so that you would have a sound knowledge of the market.

You would not have to start from scratch either. You can become part of a business broker franchise such as Transworld Business Advisors and take advantage of their experience and brand reputation.

Senior Management

Many people in sales are finding the role of CEO a good alternative. They discover the knowledge of the constantly changing sales market to be a real asset for someone of senior management. Companies also value a CEO with adaptability, people skills, and getting the best from their employees which many individuals with a sales background will have.

Senior management is also one of the top earning jobs with some big corporations willing to pay millions to their top boss.

You might not realize it, but the world of sales has dimensions you would not think possible. There are so many positions that a person with sales skills could jump into with no problems. If you are thinking about a change of career, look beyond your usual job types and see what else is possible.