The future of SAP consultants

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First of all: There’s not an “SAP” adviser anymore. SAP in the meantime comes with a cost list with over 1,500 products, therefore there’s absolutely not any 1 answer.

First of all, You may form your future, not the present or past. That means you would have to appear in the near future of SAP to be able to find out the ideal goods rather than soon-to-be-deprecated products if you don’t prefer to go stuck in preserving old heritage installations.

Attempt to take S/4; HANA; SAP Cloud system in addition to the cloud networks and products (Ariba). But be aware that all of these have different strategies, technology, and functionality beneath.

So beginning with SuccessFactors may not aid you, when you want to continue with Ariba etc..


There’s 1 exception that mounds to a recommendation: Start with a few of the principal cloud products and proceed into the significant installment world.


The adviser’s role is shape-shifting out of a tailor-made to a retail style adviser. Since most performance wanders to the cloud, then there isn’t anyway and will need to accommodate it, you need to introduce conventional procedures.

The better and more you must comprehend how to assist the clients adapting their processes to the program. Therefore you’ll construct up/train change management abilities. Cloud applications are going to be put into place a lot more frequently remotely using a typical implementation procedure, what will help to serve clients better, and that means you will find more reliability and client experience faster. Then move in the hybrid model area, where the cloud is becoming connected with the external world.

For the “classical” implementation area: Attempt to target the larger Integrators or even SAP itself and attempt to jump out of the start onto S/4 jobs.

What would imply, there may be no many training options out there.

Not touching the specialized portion of SAP, however, which may be quite similar though.