Klugo expands into US with new NetSuite-focused business

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By:  Samira Sarraf


NetSuite partner Klugo Group has launched a separate business, Next Technik, to offer field management software NextService.

NextService was built by Klugo on the NetSuite platform and following early success, the solution was adopted not only in Australia but also internationally, prompting the leadership team to launch as a separate business.

NextService is distributed around the world through multiple channels, while Next Technik has already established sales and operations teams in Australia and North America.

The new company will focus on building native applications to leverage the power of NetSuite and enhance customer engagement through field mobility solutions.

“Next Technik will continue to explore and extend our mobile applications to enrich customer engagement in the field,” Klugo Group and Next Technik CEO Annaliese Kloe said. “We will focus on leveraging the power of NetSuite and grow our business on a global scale through our channel partner network.

Klugo and Next Technik will be managed by the same leadership team while building and maintaining strong customer relationships independently.

“For Klugo, this decision will see the business expand operations across Australia,” Kloe added. “We are thrilled by the exceptional amount of interest in the NetSuite product and our services, so we look forward to what the future will bring for Klugo.”

Klugo Group has been named a NetSuite Five-Star Implementation Partner for Australia and New Zealand for four consecutive years, with the provider recently selected by investment firm Vertua to consolidate its reporting system and give it transparency across the organisation in the process.

Vertua, which is listed with the National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX), is based in Sydney and has four investment segments, and was looking to transition to a system that was efficient and cost-effective for its three businesses and 15 subsidiaries.