Purely CRM Announces the “Purely Web Lead Connector” – a Connector Joining Your Website Generated Leads Directly Into Dynamics 365

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Purely CRM, a software consulting firm focusing solely on Dynamics 365, is excited to launch their first product, the “Purely Web Lead Connector” – an add-on to your website to capture web generated leads directly into Dynamics 365.

As one of a small number of companies in North America that focuses solely on Dynamics 365, Purely CRM has observed and identified areas where customers’ CRM needs are still to be fulfilled, leading to the creation of the “Purely Web Lead Connector.” By connecting your website into Dynamics 365, it allows for real-time lead capture, giving you an edge in responding before your competitors. The product is compatible with most common web platforms, low cost, and easy to install. Connection to such websites as WordPress, SquareSpace, and others, is a snap.

Traditionally, adding this type of functionality into your website meant employing a software consulting firm to build costly integrations that would connect your website directly into the lead functionality found in Dynamics 365. This product enables you to eliminate that costly custom integration work with a quick and easy implementation.

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About Purely CRM

Purely CRM is a privately held company that is 100% focused on Microsoft Dynamics 365 products with customers across the United States and Canada. As a team, they have been involved with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since version 1.0. Purely CRM has made the strategic decision to solely focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and brings industry expertise in such areas as mining, manufacturing, banking, and many more.