Microsoft Acquires BlueTalon: Building the Next Generation of Cloud Data Governance Together

Today I’m thrilled to announce that BlueTalon has been acquired by Microsoft Corporation. Our technology and team is now focused on building deep data privacy and governance solutions as part of Azure Data.

This acquisition is a huge force multiplier on BlueTalon’s mission to make data easily and safely accessible across the enterprise by providing high quality data governance and compliance solutions.

Our journey started many years ago when Pratik Verma, our Founder, raised seed capital to build a company to scale from an innovative technology he created with his father, Rakesh Verma. I had the honor to join Pratik to build and grow BlueTalon. We realized the technology could be used to help govern data in new data systems such as Hadoop. Our customers soon started asking for us to extend our coverage to other databases – they were building large data estates that had a heterogeneous mix of data platforms. With the help of an amazing and talented team, we were able to build the first truly Unified Data Access Control™ solution to govern on-premises data estates.

BlueTalon enterprise customers increasingly began to migrate more and more of their data to the cloud and asked us to support them in that process. As we began exploring partnership opportunities with various hyperscale cloud providers to better serve our customers, Microsoft deeply impressed us. The Azure Data team was uniquely thoughtful and visionary when it came to data governance. We found them to be the perfect fit for us in both mission and culture. So when Microsoft asked us to join forces, we jumped at the opportunity.

With the BlueTalon team now part of Microsoft’s Azure Data Governance group, we look forward to taking our technology to the next level, allowing data to be both more useful and more secure.