New Accenture Microsoft Business Group will empower enterprises to thrive in the era of digital disruption

Accenture and Microsoft, in conjunction with their joint venture Avanade, today announced the launch of the Accenture Microsoft Business Group. The new group elevates a longstanding strategic alliance, expanding combined service capabilities, global scale and joint solution development to help … Continued

How to get the most out of mentoring

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By:  Sharon Florentine Mentoring isn’t just about bringing talent along so that they understand the workflow and process norms of a company; it’s about culture and nuances of learning a profession, communication skills, leadership skills and growth as a professional … Continued

Microsoft is the hungriest tech company for AI talent, with almost 2,000 job openings listed

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has reiterated on various stages during several developer events, that the future of computing and technology will converge at an artificially intelligent endpoint. Dogfooding the philosophy of its CEO, Microsoft has been on a hiring blitz … Continued